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A company profile creating may be the important need especially for big businesses even for developed businesses. This profile is categorized as one page designed important document for a particular business or company. In other cases, we will also find two pages profile company or more, because many companies have the own variation and length of writing. Even, we will file 30 pages company profile if the company might putting the awards, certifications, and brief portfolio.
The highlight of the company profile itself is its function to make the business or company shining. To make it stand out, of course, it should be clear, precise, and correct writing. Checking the writing several times, editing and asking others to proofread will make your company profile lack typos.
On the other hand, for those who are familiar with this field, may get any confusion in creating this profile. Since, the goals for making this company profile is not only for telling the basic information, but also for promoting clearly and attractively the strengths of the company. If you experience the same, keep scrolling this page.
Here are what to include in your company profile as a guideline and additional information for you. At least there are two main parts of the company profile; the business details and the company basics.
1. The business details
This part related to the components that should involve at the beginning page if the company profile. We should keep the data accuracy and actually. In order to get the audience’s attention, you may use the following list.
o Company identity
o Established date of the company
o Location of the company
o Company’s contact (including a phone number, facsimile, e-mail address, and website URL)
2. The Company Basics
This section will vary for several companies or business. Depending a lot on the company or business’s type. It means all the points below do not always appear in all company profile.
• The description of the business major (the mission and/or vision, goal/aim)
• Product or service description in details
• A brief history of establishment and development (expansion and growth) of the business
• Advertising and marketing
• Information on the industry in details
• Core team structure
• Portfolio of the client
Finally, these are requirements are not absolutely had to use in your company profile. Any adjustment is better in tailoring towards your company’s need.

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