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Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Letter Sample

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A full block letter is not the new thing, especially in writing a letter. Some may not be weird when hearing this style of writing a letter. But, do we know what full block style letter is? A full or a complete block letter gives all left alignments for all section of the letter, including the beginning of the paragraphs. In short, there is no indentation in a full block style letter. When we are writing a full block letter, we will start the letter with the common components like the sender’s address, dateline, the address of the recipients and salutation. Consider that, in the traditional format, we put a colon after the salutation.

Full block style letter seems has a more formal appearance, however, this style typically can be used in formal and informal situations. It means if you are looking for a complex style to be used in any situation, choosing this type is potentially great to use. Have a look at the examples below, they are typically easy to take. Using this type, however, is kind of template that is very easy to type since there is no worry of using any indents.

Now, we are going to the body of the letter. In writing the body letter, consider that it is clear, brief, and straightforward to the point. It covers the main idea or the main purpose of the letter’s writing. Remember, we need to hit “enter” on your keyboard twice when we are typing the body of the letter. It also needed when we are getting concluding the letter. Moreover, in paragraph construction, open punctuation is not required to change. Here are several examples you may download.

Finally, close your letter with a complementary such as “sincerely”, “sincerely yours”, “best regard”. This also typically become the last difference between open punctuation and traditional full lock style letter. Using open punctuation, you can leave the comma after the closing in particular.

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