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Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Business Plan

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Creating a business plan is considered as a difficult work both for a newcomer businessman or even the old one. For the older businessman or a company, may tend to not use this plans. They prefer to do the business as flows as it should be. However, in order to make sure or at least minimize the disadvantages, we need to consider using a business plan. Through this plans, The business is hoped to develop as we have determined before. Additionally, a business plan has several advantages, they are; restating the plan of establishing the business, knowing the source of the fund, giving the target description of your business on future in a specific period, and it will be useful in improving the level of your business in future.
Regarding the advantages of the plans, there are several points you should put on when creating your business plan, as quoted from enterprizecanada.org
• Executive summary
In this part, we should briefly state the overview, a thoroughly view of the plan. As it names, in this section we may not tell the plan in a longwinded explanation, prefer to state as efficiently as possible.
• Company overview
Company overview contains three part. They are; general concepts, history and current status of the company, and overall strategy and objective of the venture
• Product and service
This part tells the description of the product or service’s key features, the benefit to the customers, and pricing; including the next step to develop the business.
• Marketing
Marketing is the untied part of the business itself. Here we will find, the description of the potential customers in term size and composition even sales and promotion strategy.
• Operations
This part related to the production and delivery of product or service, product costs, and margin
• Management
That’s also an important part. It consists of organizational structure and background of management enable venture to execute the strategy.
• Summary financial
Financial, of course, is the supporting part of the continuity of the business. This part tells us about the projected cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet; the amount of funding needed to move forward.

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