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Tuesday, January 24th 2017. | Template Format

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Some of us may not be strange even ever get a questionnaire. We can take an example, we get a questionnaire from the restaurant we eat in or from the college’s student. We are offered a form and we had to fill several points inside. But, actually, do we know what questionnaire is? The questionnaire is shortly described as a form which is intended to write and spread to the people to obtain a statistical information or data. we can consider questionnaire as an important way to conduct a research in order to get the valid feedback the development of the company.
At least there are two types of questionnaire. The first is an open-ended questionnaire format, this type leads the recipient to some questions that need the recipients’ feelings, perception, and thoughts.
The second is close ended-format, this kind of questionnaire leads the respondents’ to just answer yes/no or with multiple choice answers provided. Another type of questionnaire format is mixed questionnaire which is basically mixtures of open-ended and close-ended format.
Since the data and information are typically important for the developing a certain business, the used of the questionnaire is a need to get feedback and information.
Here is a consideration you need to take before creating a questionnaire.
First, before deciding on a questionnaire example format, think about the result you want and plan your content carefully. Choosing the right format of is the better thing to step we should take in determining the respondent’s participation, understanding and answering the following questions.
Then, make sure you had already put the three important component we should put in composing questionnaire. They are:
• The need of the respondents
We do hope that through the questionnaire we can get as many as important information, so we also had to think the need’s of the customer or the public in order to develop our product or service.
• The need of the data entry
Sometimes the need for creating the questionnaire is for getting a certain data. So, what we put in is the priority based on data entry.
• The need of the researcher itself
However, the researchers are always intended to do research especially by using questionnaire. In short, we can put all the things related to the need of the research since using questionnaire is one of the effective ways to get the respondents’ feedback.
Below, we also provide some questionnaire examples.

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