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Monday, March 6th 2017. | CV Sample

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Are you a first job seeker? Getting mad to compose a CV? Getting an appropriate work is a dream for all the people. Especially for those who had already finished their education or a certain training to improve the skills, they expected to have a work as soon as they graduated and get the appropriate job as their field of study or skills.
In applying to a company or institution, certainly, we need to complete the supporting documents as a process of a recruiting. One of the main parts of this documents is CV (Curriculum Vitae), CV is a complete document to give the employer a thorough description of the candidate of the teams or a new employee.
As the new graduate, school leavers, you may get confused to write down what should you put on your first job CV. This article will help you in writing the Curriculum Vitae (CV). As a preparation for how your CV can compete with others CV.
1. Use Job Description for Guide
This is the main function to understand the job description carefully. The job description will lead you to an understanding on what you have to do after you are hired by the company, instead of deciding to apply the job offered without knowing well the description of the work.
2. Adding Your Transferable Skills
Since the school leavers have not had yet any professional experience, it is considered important to state your transferable skills. This skills will give you an extra point for the employer and be more attractive the employer’s attention.
3. Highlight Hobbies and Interests
This part is considered as the important section to support the description of you in employers’ sight. Hobbies and interest will give a particular understanding of what you usually do and give more consideration to the employers.
4. Never lie on your CV
That’s the point. Unconsciously, starting the new working with honest will help your future career. Just write down on your CV what you can afford to, don’t freely add skills or talent that is not from you.
5. More Editing and Proofreading
First impression, is it useful? Exactly, the employer does not know you, they just read your CV. A fact on you is actually stopped as it written down your CV. So, write it carefully with more editing and proofreading is a solution. The employer will consider you as a careless person if they find more typos in your CV.

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