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Daily Report Template

Reporting a daily report is compulsory for an employee who had already finished the tasks or duties for a day period. The form of a daily report usually contains narration of the details on how the work run for a day, a record of achievement, and the obstacles during the process of working. Additionally, it also includes the next day’s outline plans.
Daily report gives the supervisors to have an overview towards team’s progression in their individual tasks in a day working. This method gives an advantage since the supervisors have not to meet each time daily. A daily report is more efficient rather than having a daily conversation with the element of the team.
Daily reports tell day to day progression of a certain task according to the plan. In daily report specifically, the employees tell whether the plans are running smoothly or not. Even the obstacles faced by the team. It is kind of useful monitoring tools to review the development of the project. In short, the supervisors can see the individual efforts and the dynamics of the team even the source of the evaluation of the employees at the end of a period working. Besides, this report also gives the advantages to the employee. They will aware toward their job and be more motivated to work on their project.
A daily report usually takes these four metrics as follows.
• Task details
This is the main part of the daily report itself. In this space, the employee can put the detail of the activities and the progress of their duties within a day.
• Resources used
In a process of finishing certain duties, of course, we cannot leave this part, because in this section we are supposed to write down the resources we need and the report of the resources used.
• Time spent on the tasks
This shows the individual’s dynamics to get a certain target, how to manage the time and his tasks to be finished in time.
• Manpower applied to the task
This section related to the human resources who deploy in a particular project.
Finally, these are all summary of the daily report.

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