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Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Letter Sample

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May it is not a common thing nowadays since we have been already in a fast technology era. We can easily get in touch with other persons using e-mail or social media like Whatsapp, Line, We Chat and so on. But there are also some persons who still use the excitement of getting to know each other using letter, in this case, informal letter. Some of us may definitely agree that informal letter has its own joy and art of writing.
An informal letter is usually sent to our friends, relatives, or family in order to get them to know our condition, thought or feelings. It would be different with the formal letter which it has several tight and common rules. Informal letter, anyway, has a more free format than the informal one.
In an informal letter usually, we put some elements like address, the recipient, date of writing, greeting, the introduction of the letter, the body of the letter which tells most about the content of the letter, closure part. Additionally, we also put a signature like; lots of love, best regard, love and your lovingly.
In this article, we will also have a look at what we should pay attention in writing the informal letter.
•In handwriting letter, the neat and the clear writing is preferable
You need to consider this tips, this will lead the recipient to read well what we have written. So, before sending to your beloved friends make it sure that the writing is neat and clear enough. Using clear punctuation like using commas, semicolons and periods wherever necessary. It also helps the recipient understand well the letter beside, it will give some extra stressing.
•Using a more active voice than passive voice
Using active voice, however, has its own attraction than using the passive voice. Active voice uses less word besides making the sentence more precise and efficient.
•Although you write in a casual manner, but the language has to be clear and simple.
Since the letter to friends and family are categorized as an informal letter, so we can write the content in a casual manner, but it still had to be clear and simple. We may also ask questions inside the composition to keep the warm and imagine the recipient’s response.

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